Sunday, September 14, 2008

Brett Favre Interception Watch: Week Two

I admit to failing in my vigilance. But I was busy last week, folks, and he didn't throw any (note that Week One resulted on my chewing on my own feet)! So today I dutifully watched the Jets-Patriots game in order to report the results of Brett Favre Interception Watch 2008, Week Two. And my watching was rewarded! Sort of.

The Jets lost. Favre threw a touchdown. He also threw an interception! The funny thing, if you could call it that, was that I completely missed it. I was in the other room preparing dinner. Of all the luck -- I step out of the room for five minutes, and he throws an interception! Was it his fault? Will I ever know? There were no highlights post-game!

Anyway, here's the tally so far in 2008:

TDs: 3
INTs: 1

He's +2 so far. Keep it up, Brett the Jet. My foot tastes good, anyway.


Anonymous said...

a big guy was in his way and he couldn't step thru the throw so it was kinda underthrown(if that's a possibility) and it was the only time I have seen him yell F**K after a pick

Brooke said...

He knew I was watching. And counting. That's why.

Anonymous said...

where's week 3 and the update????? is it really fair ot count when receivers are weenies and they let the D take the ball away? If so, then he had 3- TD's and 2 INTs

Anonymous said...

YOu really need to get off the beach and update this....I really want to know what you think of week 4....6 and 1 WOW