Tuesday, December 30, 2008

NFL Week 17: But There Are Only 16 Games!

Oh, HELL yes!

Wow, wow, wow. The playoff picture only became clear at the last minute! I love the suspense! This is the way football was meant to be! The 49ers won more than 5 games! The Dolphins took the AFC East! The Patriots didn't even make the playoffs! It's like the 1980s all over again!

I'm sure Brett fans were disappointed on Sunday, but how can you not love Chad Pennington's story? I couldn't have hoped for a better end to the regular season. Bring on the playoffs.

I'm sorry to see it turn out like this for Brett Favre, who had 1 TD and a devastating 3 INTs against the Dolphins. After 16 games, here are the results of the Brett Favre Interception Watch TD/INT Tally:

INTs: 22
TDs: 22

Complete QB stats for the NFL can be found here. Gratuitous shirtless Pennington shot can be found here:

They say looking good is the best revenge. But there's something off about this photo.

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