Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Why Sarah Palin, Are Those Boot-Cut Jeans You Wore To Cast Your Vote Today?

Oh no she didn't! (But ya know, she really does rock them.)* I wonder if the McCain campaign's outlook was so bleak that they already donated those fancy duds of hers?

*I acknowledge that by drawing attention to her jeans-wearing, I am perpetuating the notion that we are a sexist nation incapable of taking seriously the idea that a woman could hold the office of "commander-in-chief." But seriously, Hillary wouldn't dream of wearing jeans. Ever.


Pam said...

Doggone it, Brooktini, she's just one of us, don't 'cha know!

bf2f said...

eh der, quit moking dat accent
whats da mater which youse anyhow?
I'll go Fargo on you( thats code for rogue)