Monday, August 11, 2008

Don't Buy Me A Jersey Just Yet

I've been taking some heat over my post on Football Legend! Brett Favre. I stand by my words, first and foremost. I'll add, however, that I do respect his work at Green Bay, especially his games-played streak, and before this I've never had any issue with him that wasn't related to interception-throwing. I don't blame him solely for the fiasco that was his return to pro football, and I don't blame him for moving on in the end; it was the idea of the return I groaned over. After all, I didn't stop liking Joe Montana when he went to the Chiefs. It never did feel the same after that, though, and I imagine a lot of Packers fans will share that strange feeling come September. It would have been a different story entirely a) if he weren't "retiring age" or b) if he hadn't already retired, but as it stands, in the presence of the settling dust I've been wondering how much "about the fans" it can ever really be.

Favre has already connected with fans here (they even cheered him on as he ran a penalty lap at practice for botching a snap the other day -- no comment) but New Yorkers are notorious for their fickleness when it comes to sports figures. He comes here with what is essentially a clean slate, and he'll face our invasive and scrutinous media and fans who are quick to judge (and do so collectively). His accomplishments at Green Bay won't mean a thing to New Yorkers -- and even, albeit to a lesser extent, to historians -- if he doesn't deliver here. It's not the kind of pressure I'd ever want. In any case, I am tepidly rooting for his success, thank you very much, even if I don't approve. (That's both because I'm not a Vikings or Bears fan and because it pains me to see an aging QB embarrass himself.)

But don't be surprised if I keep an interception tally this fall.


Anonymous said...

let's make a bet...if he has a great season- more tds than INT you eat Limberger cheese

Brooke said...

Wait, how is it that I can possibly lose?