Thursday, August 7, 2008

What, Bernie Kosar Wouldn't Take Their Calls?

What is it the Jets love so much about old quarterbacks?

It's an exciting time in New York! The Yankees and the Mets are playing baseball, and I don't have any idea how either team is doing (but it's quiet enough that I assume they aren't either winning or losing their divisions these days). There are some basketball and hockey teams here, and I suppose people care about them, but it's not basketball or hockey season so that means we must all be gearing up for . . . FOOTBALL! Yay.

The Giants are the defending Super Bowl champions (I still find this hard to believe) so expectations are high. In order to compete and not to feel mediocre next to Big Blue (wait, the Giants aren't mediocre?), the Jets had to go and sign Brett Fav-re, the almost-39-year-old Green Bay legend who should have retired not after last season but the season before. Can anybody forget that season, aka the season of more interceptions than touchdowns? This guy couldn't find a green jersey on the field to save his life. So I'm sorry, Gang Green, but things aren't looking good (unless you change your colors to purple/yellow, black/orange, or blue/silver).

I feel naughty writing smack about Mr. Favre. Everybody knows elders are to be respected, and elderly heroes are especially taboo! So I'll happily eat my words if the Jets make it past the wild card round in 2008.

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