Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today's Childhood Rediscovery

I recently remembered a favorite treat from my childhood, Iced Circus Animal cookies, which are animal crackers dipped in pink or white icing and covered with tiny rainbow-colored candy sprinkle balls. After listening to me go on and on about them (but not having ever heard of or tasted them herself), a friend of mine saw them on display at the supermarket and picked up a bag for me. And I've been stuffing my face with them nonstop since. Isn't it amazing to rediscover something you loved as a kid and find that it's still as wonderful as you remember it? Now THIS is a happy moment.

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Debby Morris said...


Thanks for the great pictures and stories. These are beautiful photos.

I have heard about the wild chickens and pigs.

I also like iced animal cookies. Enjoy. I may have to get me some now.